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Already in 1964, almost by chance, thanks to the intuition of the owner the sole proprietorship T.R.F. di Andreoni Franco was established.

It all started when, speaking with Andreoni, some companies in the same field, expressed their need to get rid of some machines that were no longer used in production. In that era the founder worked as an auditor for a pharmaceutical company, therefore a field that had absolutely nothing to do with selling machines.

Considering the request made by these companies, Andreoni was willing to “look after” these used machines in one of his two garages. Therefore, something that started off almost as a favour, increased in time through word of mouth together with the credibility that Andreoni had created in this field, became a second job for the owner who had filled two small warehouses of 100 sq.m in Sedriano and in Novate Milanese with machinery for pharmaceutical production.

This is where the intuition started: he started to speak to some garages to overhaul second-hand machines and attempt to put them back onto the market.

Therefore this is how the success of this company began, handling over the years 3,000 sq.m. of warehouse and with just one garage that he used at the beginning to test the machines, he now has twelve garages in the area that he works with on a daily basis.

These are the figures but over the years the company has also changed the services offered to its customers; from the pure sale of pharmaceutical machinery, it has specialised in providing a complete service including verification of the machine: from installation through to qualification of the machinery.

So in 1989 the sole proprietorship T.R.F. di Andreoni Franco transformed into Pharma Works Milano, even though it was still a family run company.

For some years it started to sell new machinery as well as second-hand. «This option is offered to the customer when, for example, he needs an entire production line. We have some second-hand parts of the line and offer the missing ones as new pieces. Or another option may be in the case of existing customers who know us and trust us and therefore ask for a quotation for a new machine», Angelo Riva, General Manager of Pharma Works Milano explains.

A company that lives on its exports

Adapting to change is the first key to success of a company.  This is what Pharma Works Milano did as its company process has been focusing mainly on exports for several years now.

About Us


We have been serving the pharmaceutical production field for more than 40 years.

Experience, Quality and Professionalism.

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  • Supply of machines and new equipment

  • Machinery Regeneration

  • Dismantling Factories

  • Technical Assistance

  • Safekeeping of machinery and equipment

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